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Legal Planning: for you (and your clients)

Legal Planning Group

Legal Planning Group

We offer a joined up “before cradle” to “after grave” legal planning  service.  In effect we are full service Estate Planning firm: we have taken  much of the hard work and some of the cost out of being legally  prepared with our unique Peace of Mind Service. Our work is split fairly  equally between direct clients and those introduced by accountants and  financial advisers. From the Legal Planning Group –

– joined up legal planning!

The Legal Planning Group includes the following independent advice services:

  • .Last Will and Testaments to protect children and send what you own to the right people when you go.
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney to protect you, your family and your business if you should lose the ability to make decisions through accident, illness, stroke etc.  If you think Lasting Powers of Attorney are not important then PLEASE see this page on the Daily Mail site.
  • Prepaid Funeral Plans to avoid the traditional pre-funeral arguments about what you wanted and to relieve the financial stress.
  • Trusts to help ensure that your assets really do help future generations of your family in a sound and well organised fashion.  Properly set up and used, a Trust could still be looking after your family in the 22nd century.
  • Inheritance Tax Planning – sometimes this is about Trusts, but there are many ways of saving Inheritance Tax as long as you start planning at the earliest possible moment.  We have even written the book on Inheritance Tax.
  • Probate – we are all going to go at some time, so we have THREE relatively inexpensive options to expensive banks and high street solicitors (just compare our charges).  If you really want to keep the costs down and it is a simple estate, then our DIY Probate site is the place to go. It may well be that our IHT, Peace of Mind and Trust services will already have taken much of the sting (delay, tax, cost, out of date planning) out of probate.
  • Deeds of Variation – once someone has dies, it is quite common for their Will to be out of date with cash left to people who might have needed it 20 years go but no longer do.  A Deed of Variation can put money in the right hands (as long as the original beneficiaries agree and are over 18) and potentially avoid extra Inheritance Tax charges.
  • The Peace of Mind Service is the glue which makes our service so different and so much more effective than pretty much any other UK firm. Joined up thinking for your family, through the generations.
  • Hopefully, family members reaching 18 will have been sponsored into our Peace of Mind Service and will have started to get their legal planning in order in good time.